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Photography is one of those things that seems like everyone dabbles a bit in and quite a few people nowadays own very high quality digital cameras. In an attempt to save money, there is a new trend among brides of having a friend or family member take their wedding photos. While this may initially sound like a good idea, investing in an experienced wedding photographer should be one of your top priorities.


Your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion. There are no ‘do-overs’, so you need a professional that you can trust. So much time is invested in finding the venue, choosing the perfect flowers and of course making sure your cake is as lovely as it is tasty. After your wedding is finished and you leave your venue, the flowers have wilted and all that yummy wedding cake has been eaten … how will you remember these things? If you’ve taken the time and money to invest in the perfect wedding photographer, you can rest assured. High quality, bright, beautiful wedding photos will be there to help you remember your day! You’ll have photos of your groom tearing up as he sees you walking down the aisle, a vision, in the perfect dress. You can look back upon how happy your guests were dancing the night away, celebrating your day. Every detail from your shoes, his tux, THE dress and even the jewelry you wore will be well documented so that someday you can show your children.


Finding the perfect photographer is the best gift you can give each other on the big day. It sounds cheesy but we tell our clients all the time that wedding photos are your first family heirloom. Make sure when you are making the important decision on whether or not to go with a pro that you consider what you are really paying for … memories.

How will you remember your wedding day?


How will you remember your wedding day?


One of the most common post-wedding regrets we hear from married couples is that they did not hire a videographer for their wedding day.


“The day went by so fast! It was like a whirlwind.”

“I wish I knew how my husband was feeling before the ceremony. Was he as nervous as I was?”

“I wish I could hear my father’s toast again."

"I wish I could remember our first dance.”

“All that planning and I don’t even remember if my guests enjoyed themselves!”


With your wedding video, you’ll remember


* How you felt when you were getting ready; what your friends and family shared with you before you walked down the aisle.

* The look on his face when he saw you for the first time in your wedding dress.

* The way she smiled when she walked toward you down the aisle.

* Every word of your vows.

* Your experience with the photographer and the fun pictures and poses you took with them.

* Your reception in full detail, from the decor to the dancing, toasts, bouquet and garter toss and grand exit.


You only get ONE CHANCE to film your wedding- don’t pass it up! Flowers fade, but video will last a lifetime.

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